Meet Tim Haft

Chief Declutterer, Great Riddance

Tim Haft, owner of Great Riddance organizing service in New York City.

B orn in Adrian, Michigan in 1960 and raised in New York City, Tim showed signs of superior organizational and space management skills at an early age. He carefully arranged his collections of coins, stamps, and sports cards by various criteria, and at the ripe old age of 8, he confiscated his parents’ cigarettes, neatly chopped them in half, and stored them lengthwise in an elegant wicker basket. Don’t ask what happened when he got caught, but the good news is his folks quit smoking and improved their health as a result.

Although far from being the brightest student, Tim was probably one of the most organized, which helps to explain his academic success from elementary school, where he was chosen as the class valedictorian, all the way through grad school at NYU, where he completed his MA in sociology with an A- average.

Professionally, Tim has worked in a number of fields, but no matter the position he held, he was always called upon to organize data, optimize space, and generally improve efficiency. As a social science researcher, Tim devised, directed, and analyzed large-scale surveys, which required meticulous attention to detail as well as the ability to train and manage a large team of assistants. As a career counselor at New York University, Tim was in charge of establishing, organizing, and maintaining a heavily utilized career library, which consisted of thousands of books, periodicals, annual reports, and job listings. As an academic advisor at Hunter College, Tim created and taught a course for freshmen, which focused on how to get and stay organized and how to optimize the space in your dorm room. And as a fitness instructor and coach, Tim has devised and led scores of complex training programs for hundreds of clients preparing for such challenges as marathons and obstacle races.

Tim has also helped countless friends and family members to organize and declutter their homes earning him the nickname of Mr. Efficiency. Just for kicks, he would frequently rearrange the furniture in his apartment (it drove his ex-girlfriend nuts!) to see which configuration would be the most efficient spacewise. In his spare time, Tim organizes a variety of social crawls (e.g., pizza and pub), which involves mapping out complex itineraries for large groups of friends.

Tim is looking forward to helping you get organized so you can save time and money, reduce stress, and enjoy each and every day to the fullest.

Nobody does de-cluttering better than Tim Haft. I should know since I’ve been his business partner and roommate for nearly 10 years. Organization is the first thing on his mind each and every day. His creative approach to space enables our one bedroom New York City apartment to successfully function as a living space, office, fitness training studio, AND storage for hundreds of jump ropes and DVDs. This is a priceless service to free up space in your home and in your head.
Shana Brady